Skill Assessment
All applicants are required to complete a thorough employment application which details their background, including, but not limited to, education, employment experience and references. Further, a required minimum of two references must support skill levels, quality of work performance, and reliability.

Each applicant is given a comprehensive skills test, including typing, shorthand speed, grammar, spelling and arithmetic. The general aptitude exams are weighed heavily in the evaluation process. Word processing and advanced computer skills are tested on our Prove It! software assessment system. Such testing provides the most practical, and thorough evaluation of an employee’s proficiency. Asset can, at our client’s request, also add specific skill/aptitude tests to the assessment process.

Our automated skill assessment includes the most recent versions of WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and Lotus Notes. At Asset, we place a premium on these proctored tests. Other testing in specific skills or software is performed when applicable. We feel that this process gives us a significant advantage in evaluating new applicants.

We perform an extensive and structured in office, personal interview to discuss the applicant’s work and education history. Our counselors work closely with each employee to assess their individual professional goals prior to placing them. This ensures a compatible fit with a client’s needs and expectations. Our recruiters average over 10 years of industry related experience

Our employees’ performances are constantly monitored and reviewed, and their skills are periodically re-evaluated. We welcome client feedback to provide the highest level of productivity.

Only those applicants and employees who pass our stringent assessment criteria, and who have a proven track record of success, will be placed with our clients.

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